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Accutouch- “Simple Gaging is Now Defined




Leave it to Edmunds Gages to develop the simplest, dimensional amplifier available for your production measurement requirements. The Accu-Touch™ uses a highly durable, touch screen as its human interface to providing a crystal clear visual display of your measurement results. A 5.7″ (145 mm) hi-resolution flat panel display with multi-color graphics, digital values, and limit indicators provide an easy indication of a measurement’s conformance to a tolerance. Housed within a rugged industrial case, the Accu-Touch™ is perfect for on machine, bench top, or laboratory measurement applications.

Up to 4 inputs from single element gaging tools, with docking air-to-electronic capability. Easy to read dial type displays, and simple programming make Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch the perfect human interface for your toughest dimensional measurement need!

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