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Hand tools

From Bore Gages to Micrometers, MAC offers a wide variety of “Handy” Measuring devices.

Litematic-LowForce Measurement

Series 318
Low Force, High-resolution, Motorized Measurement of Easily-deformed Parts
  • The Litematic is designed for measuring easily deformed workpieces and high-precision parts, with extra-low measuring force of 0.01N.
  • 0.15N and 1N types are capable of measuring at a certain measuring force by using a Litematic feature, while the 0.01N type is suitable for measuring delicate workpieces. *0.15N, 1N types are factory-installed option.
  • The motor-driven spindle moves up/down and stopswhen the contact point touches the workpiece. Then the maximum, minimum values and runout value are measured under a constant force.
  • High resolution of 0.01μm, and wide measuring range of 50mm.
  • Measuring system VL-50-B, integrated display type, and VL-50S-B, a separate display type, are available.
  • The measuring table supplied with VL-50-B is ceramic and corrosion-free for easier maintenance and storage.
  • The spindle is made of low thermal-expansion material.